Monday, July 23, 2007

Potter-flu (Spoiler free - Really)

I wonder how many people today are out with the "Potter-flu". Unfortunately I'm not one of them and though I tried really hard yesterday to read it all, I've only managed to get to page 519.

I've heard from several people, "You know {spoiler}?" Well assuming I somehow managed not to hear {spoiler} in the past few days, why do some people feel the need to then go ahead and SPOIL it for me? I, and millions of others, have invested several years of our lives in these characters. I'd like to get through the last book blissfully unaware of any plot developments until I actually read them. Now I have to try and pretend I don't know, or that there's the possibility that {spoiler} doesn't happen, so I can still be "surprised" if it does.

So if you know a spoiler, don't tell anyone. It doesn't make you appear clever. You don't get do put up a flag. I'm never going to think, "You know I would have read all 700 some pages not knowing {spoiler} until I got to it, but thankfully you told me beforehand and I was fully prepared. You're my hero."

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Cragar said...

I found you today via the Exterminator's site. Good stuff so far. I have the Potter book but haven't started it yet. Will get to it soon.

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