Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blogger Burnout Blues

I'm suffering I think from blogger burnout. My goggle reader exceeded 500 unread entries and rather than acting as inspiration for my own writings, they've instead overwhelmed me with...shit I can't even describe it. I'm drowning in words and opinions I guess. Everytime my mind casts about for a topic to write about it's unable to tune into one thought, like receiving all radio stations on a single channel.

But I am listening to podcasts. The one I've linked to above is put together by my fellow atheist bloggers (which is handy since I'm so far behind on reading it's nice I can at least listen to what's going on) and a wonderful addition to my podcast list.

I have a shiny new and powerful computer coming this week. I'm hoping that having a new environment will give me inspiration. In the meantime, as I wait for my Nonbelieving Literati book to arrive (Not the End of the World by Christopher Brookymyre) I'm soothing my tired brain with true literature: Monster Island, Monster Nation, & Monster Planet - A trilogy of zombie novels.

Nothing cures blogger burnout like zombies.


Anonymous said...

I really like Another Goddamned Podcast. My problem is finding the time to listen to it, since reading transcripts takes less time than listening to stuff. I'll have to do some catch-up listening this weekend.

In the meantime, enjoy your listening until you're ready to write again.

Lifeguard said...

I always thought the world could use another goddamned podcast.

Hang in there... I've been having a heck of a time floundering around for topics myself lately.

Maybe we should write a song. The Blogger Burnout Blues

Ordinary Girl said...

Eno, thanks for the kind words about the podcast! We enjoy doing it, but it's great to hear from our listeners.

It took me a while to get iTunes updated this week. I finally found the culprit in an extra tag. Next week should be less bumpy.

The Exterminator said...


Well, let's hope that the new cool computer will put an end to your blogger burnout. I suggest that you clean out your Google Reader and start from scratch. You didn't really miss much. Here's a brief synopsis of what has been happening lately in the Atheosphere: We still don't believe in any gods.

Thanks for the words of encouragement about the podcast -- and for the link. We've been making an effort not to sound too stupid because we know that some of our critically astute pals, like you and chappy, are out there listening. By the way, criticism is encouraged. We won't necessarily take any of your suggestions, but you never know -- we might. We're all pretty thick-skinned, so feel free to leave any comments, positive or negative.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to go OT on you, but I'm tagging you for the history meme.

Bunc said...

Blogger Burn out - been there done it and got the T shirt. I find that visiting a creationist or Bible thumpers website usually gives sme something to rant about!

One of the problems with the Atheist community I think is the tendancy for people just to speak to like minded people - much like those Theists.

I make a point of gettting out there and mixing it with the Theists on their own ground. They are too used to coming on to our sites with their half baked " I find evolution hard to imagine so it must be wrong" stuff. Time to get out there and stick it to them - rationally of course!

Then you'll have loads to blog about :-)