Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I saw Richard Dawkins… neener neener

BEYOND is a pioneering international center at Arizona State University specifically dedicated to confronting the big questions of existence raised by these stunning scientific advances, and facilitating new research initiatives that transcend traditional subject categories.

You would think that having attended the Richard Dawkins lecture I’d have a lot to talk about. And probably if I were writing an article that I knew would be read by people unfamiliar with Dawkins I would. But I know my audience. Who of you hasn’t read the God Delusion? Who of you hasn’t seen Dawkins several times speak at least on youtube? [crickets chirping] Thought so.

Seeing Richard Dawkins in the flesh was fantastic. I will never understand how he can ever be described as “ranting”. He never raises his voice. In fact I think he’s got a damn sexy voice and would listen to him read his grocery list. His lecture was enjoyable, but it was also like watching your favorite band perform live instead of on television. You know all the songs, so really you’re just there for the shared group experience.

I did get to finally meet some members of the Phoenix Atheists Meetup group. They’re a fun group of people who get together for events that I’ve always been meaning to go to but never got around to it. I think now that I shall try a little harder. One of them mentioned wanting to have a movie event to see Expelled, he envisioned something like going to the Rocky Horror Picture show where we’d talk back to the screen and have squirt guns.


slut said...

That sounds really cool. I admire Dawkins and I agree on the ranting thing. I once sent my sister a video of Neil Degrasse Tyson talking about the universe and she said she couldn't watch it because he was "screaming" or something. Clearly they just don't like the content, because objectively speaking the tone is pretty mild.

Wish I could go to the movie with you guys...that sounds like fun. Maybe we'll get up our own group to go. Unfortunately most of the atheists I know are too old to throw things but they might holler. :)

Ordinary Girl said...

Dawkins is mild and definitely doesn't rant. Tyson is always composed and I couldn't even imagine him screaming.

Obviously some people aren't aware of what those words actually mean.

P.S. I'm jealous. :)

Anonymous said...

have a movie event to see Expelled...something like going to the Rocky Horror Picture show where we’d talk back to the screen and have squirt guns.

That would be so much fun! Really. What a great idea.

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Lifeguard said...

You know, before I heard him speak, I always heard Dawkins in my head as having a much deeper voice. I don't know why, but that's who I heard narrating in my head as I read The Selfish Gene. So I was surprised when I first heard him talk.

That must have been cool to actually go see him speak. I'm jealous!