Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Eostre

Ever since reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman I’ve had a great sympathy for Easter. As portrayed in the book, this poor goddess of Spring is unknown while her name and symbols have been stolen by the Christians. I wanted to research this and write a blessy about it. My theme being; give this woman back her holiday! I don’t care that she’s fictional. I don’t care that holidays are “made up”. It breaks up the year and gives the kid inside me free reign to pretend. I’m fully behind Linus and his celebration of The Great Pumpkin.

Then I got sidetracked in my research by the editorial on Easter over at ChristianAnswers.Net. On the one hand they fully acknowledge that Easter was a pagan holiday and that rabbits and eggs are fertility symbols. Their solution to this is to recommend using the phrase "Resurrection Sunday" rather than "Easter". They then use the Bible as their primary historical reference to show how “this terrible false religion” had its origins from the Tower of Babel. Because they believe Tower of Babel was a pyramid-shaped structure, they claim that any culture that built a pyramid-like structure as well were decedents of those scattered away from Babel when god confused their language.
Most, if not all, of these people carried their evil Sun-God-based religion with them.
Their conclusion:
"Easter" is simply one of the names of a woman [Queen Semiramis] who mightily deceived the world and whose religion has caused untold suffering and misery. She was clearly an enemy of Christianity, and her son Tammuz was an anti-Christ, a false messiah that ultimately deceived millions.

How is it possible to be an enemy of a religion that did not even exist at that time? How is it possible to be an anti-something that hasn’t been thought of yet?

The seductive symbols of ancient ungodly religions inspired by Satan have been incorporated into people's everyday lives, even to this day continuing to obscure the truth of God.

Christians naively use symbols and practices that unknowingly perpetuate ancient anti-Christ traditions - symbolic customs followed by the same religious cults that inspired the destruction of great numbers of Christians and Jews.

Yeah, you True Christians ™, if you happen to stumble onto the fact that there were all these pre-Jesus religions that had myths about gods-made-flesh, born to virgin women, that had spring celebrations celebrating their resurrection from the underworld, be assured:
If you are Christian, it is not difficult to discern the bizarre deception and confusion that Satan has successfully orchestrated.
While all those stupid ancient peoples were worshiping the wrong born-of-a-virgin-died-and-resurrected gods, you can be assured that you are in fact worshiping the right one. Because it's all the trick of another supernatural entity that, while having all the powers and abilities of your god (based on his reputation, if he does exist he's obviously a stronger more influental god), isn't considered a god because there's only one true god. A modern person such as you couldn’t possibly be deceived they way those ancients were.

Could you?

Reference: Easter; Its Pagan origins , Eostre


Ginny said...

Thanks, loved reading your thoughts. I was going to blog about Eostre myself, lol.

Anonymous said...

Good post. The absurdity of believing that "my myth is self-evidently right and your identical myth with a different name is obviously wrong" makes me shake my head in wonder. How did I buy into that stuff for so long?

Ordinary Girl said...

Nice post. I also sympathized with Eostre.

Your pictures were lovely, by the way. Are you sure you're not a professional?

erlybird said...
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erlybird said...

I loved the book too.

I was just in a meeting where someone mentioned that Microsoft was skipping version "13" of the Office suite and jumping right from 12 to 14. The most religious guy in the room scoffed and said, "That is SO silly!" I wanted to take him out into the parking lot and...and...point to the FISH icon on his car and demand an explanation of how THAT is not silly!

Superstition is superstition. Silly belief is silly belief. I like the fact that when I get to celebrate holidays I don't get all misty and you I like to point out the fun in it all. The real problem with the religious and their holidays is how they first took a perfectly good party and ruined it...then they got all serious on us!

Anonymous said...

Is Easter over yet? Can you come out to play now?

Ordinary Girl said...

Yeah, we miss you.

EnoNomi said...

awww, you gals are great. It's nice to know that I'm missed. I know I've been neglecting my blogging world lately.